Why 2.0?

For a while I have been thinking about coming back to this blog. Since I last had your attention many things have changed, but mostly I have changed. I have spent many hours and miles making my life better. To be 100% honest with you, many of the changes that I have made were not optional. I learned the hard way that there can be too much of a good thing. So here I am today, 60 lbs lighter, happier and healthier. Over the next couple of weeks I will tell you about my journey, the start, the wake up call and where I am heading. I will also give you a peak inside my kitchen, which also underwent a major renovation. So, come back and visit often. I hope that you will find inspiration for eating well and living well.

For the curious ones, a small picture of the new kitchen.


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  1. Danette February 11, 2013


    I am looking forward to reading this updated blog! I, too, had a sort of health wake-up call and began to make some changes. I have been inspired by your perseverance and success!!

    ITB :-)

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